Erlab offers a filtration ecosystem for the protection of laboratory personnel

With Erlab's chemical filtration ecosystem you are protected from the moment a chemical enters the lab to whenever or wherever it evaporates. Erlab offers the most advanced molecular filtration technology which can adsorb multiple chemical types simultaneously, so you are no longer limited to application-specific filters or the inability to adapt to new lab processes.

Superior protection when handling toxic or noxious chemicals
filtration technology
Captair Smart
ductless fume hoods
powder weighing stations
Storing and keeping personnel safe from chemical inhalation
Captair Smart
filtered storage cabinets
Captair Smart
filtered mini-storage cabinet
filtration for chemical storage cabinets
Sense and capture fugitive emissions in the laboratory air
Halo Sense
lab air quality sensor
lab air filtration system
Protecting your valuable samples
Captair Bio PCR worstations Captair Flow clean bench  
Investigation protection

Pyramid portable glove bag