Achieving the correct water quality depends on selecting the correct purification technologies and a system design that accurately measures and monitors contaminants. Producing pure water is only part of the equation; validating quality, storing water and maintenance are also key to ensuring you have the water quality you need.

Types of water purification technologies

Water purification technologies are efficient at removing specific types of impurities down to very low levels. Others are able to remove a large proportion of several impurities and contaminants. The most common technologies employed are:

• Reverse Osmosis (RO) Effective removal of all types of contaminants
• Electrodeionization (EDI) combines ion exchange resins and ion selective membranes to remove ionized species
• Ion Exchange beds of ion exchange resins can efficiently remove ionized species
• UV light is widely used to break down and photo-oxidize organic contaminants.
• Ultrafiltration ultrafilters are membrane filters that remove particles.

Depending on your lab application and the source water, Purelab products offer the right Type I, II & III pure and ultrapure water for your lab.