is the single point of contact for all analytical needs with individual, made-to-measure, economic, high quality, total solutions:

* Parameters for wastewater, drinking water, process water
* On-site and laboratory analysis, process analysis, samplers
* Municipal and industrial applications

Electrochemistry Meters

HACH offers a wide range of E-chemical Solutions in the Field and in the Lab for pH, Temperature, Conductivity/TDS/Salinity, Oxygen (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Technology), ORP and ISE (ion measurements).   

Digital electrochemistry with HQD meters and IntelliCal electrodes

Your reliable field partner

Turbidimeters Benchtop and Portable

2100Q Portable Turbidimeter
TU5 Bechtop Turbidimeter

Titration Solutions


TitraLab® AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator


Hach's Digital Titrator


DR3900 Visible scanning Benchtop Spectrophotometer

HACH is well known for photometric solutions in the lab. Designed to meet a variety of needs, Hach Spectrophotometers and Colorimeters are accurate, versatile and easy to use


DR900 series Colorimeters High-value, high-capability field instruments for water quality analysis


Hach "single-test" packages provide fresh, consistently formulated reagents in convenient, single-dose quantities. Powder Pillows, AccuVac Ampules, LCK Vials, Digital Titrator cartridges and prepared standards contain pre-mixed and pre-measured quantities of reagent to reduce or eliminate preparation, measuring, and mixing. Reagent formulations are highly consistent and meet strict analytical criteria, with Certificates of Analysis available for every lot.

Hach reagents: Ready-to-use. Fast approved analysis. Precise: with reliable results in everyday practice. Economic: Investment for the future.

Visual Tests

Affordable analysis for semi-quantitative fast results. You can choose between test strips, Color Cubes and disks and Drop Count tests.

Free & Total Chlorine Test Kit, Model CN-66 with Color Disc Method

Hardness (Total) Test Kit, Model HA-71A, Drop Count Titration, Dual Range

5 in 1 Water Quality Test Strips measure Free&Total Chlorine, Hardness, Alkalinity and pH just in 1 strip

Portable Environmental Labs

From flasks to beakers to viewing tubes, everything you need is supplied with Hach Portable kits. Different models and configurations are available to suit even the most demanding field tasks; from Drinking water and wastewater to Professional Water treatment portable kits.

Hach's rugged DREL and CEL Portable laboratories are the ultimate in convenience and versatility. They include everything you need for analytical results with lab-grade accuracy, even when the nearest lab is hundreds of miles away.

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Reliable, stable processes are essential for cost effective process measurement. This is true of both drinking and wastewater treatment systems. With versatile probes, analyzers, samplers and integrated digital controller networks, Hach sets the standards for excellent process-measurement technology. The reliable monitoring of all relevant parameters for every user requirement insures accurate performance and cuts in operating costs.